Spring 2019


We are glad you have found the internet home of Psi Alpha, the National Honor Society for High School Psychology.  If you are a current advisor or member, we welcome you back.  If you are a visitor looking for additional information, we invite you to contact us so we can sufficiently answer any questions you might have.

Psi Alpha is in its relative infancy but has enjoyed a robust start and plenty of enthusiasm.  Psi Alpha is the brainchild of noted psychologist, educator, and long-time supporter of Psychology Honor Societies, Dr. Jerry Rudmann.  The vision is clear in the desire to support enthusiasm for psychological science and to attempt do so at first exposure. Creating a vehicle for enhanced opportunity, recognition, and exploration in psychology for students exposed to psychology in high school makes good sense.  Involvement in Psi Alpha affords the high school student a chance to expand their interest in psychology through National affiliations, opportunities in research and scholarship, and to grow in their personal understanding.

Psi Alpha joins existing National Honor Societies in Psychology including; Psi Beta – the National Honor Society in Psychology for Community Colleges, and Psi Chi the National Honor Society in Psychology for Baccalaureate Institutions.  Efforts are underway to enhance collaboration between the three Psychology Honor Societies as well as assure continuous engagement for students through their study of psychology.

Take your time browsing our website and let us know what you like as well as where you think we might improve.  Psi Alpha exists primarily for the benefit of the psychology student so do not be shy in letting us know how we might help.  It is our privilege to offer an additional opportunity for psychological science to come alive.

Bryan S. Gerber, PsyD/PhD

Psi Alpha Executive Director


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Psi Alpha sponsors awards and scholarships for active members, chapters and advisors.

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Psi Alpha

High School National Psychology Honor Society, directly affiliated with Psi Beta, Community College National Honor Society in Psychology.