Fall 2018

Greetings to the first class of Psi Alpha members! Congratulations on not only being outstanding students of psychology, but being the pilot class whose experiences will critically shape Psi Alpha in the future. And to our first class of Psi Alpha advisors, we are so excited to have you and we’re here to support you in every way we can.

Although Psi Alpha is new, the idea for Psi Alpha has been in the works for awhile with Dr. Jerry Rudmann, the longtime Executive Director of our parent organization, Psi Beta. He believes that high school students deserve an opportunity to distinguish themselves academically and gain deeper insight into the science of psychology, but no psychology-specific high school honor society existed — until now! With his experience leading Psi Beta, Dr. Rudmann put in motion concept stages of Psi Alpha. Then in 2018, Dr. Rudmann received major support from high school psychology teachers nationwide and Psi Alpha was formally formed.

As the Executive Assistant of Psi Beta, I was beyond honored when asked to lead Psi Alpha as Executive Director. This combines my experience participating in, managing, and growing Psi Beta with my passion for psychology and education. With Dr. Rudmann’s support, I am so excited and inspired to work to ensure each Psi Alpha advisor is encouraged, each student is honored, and Psi Alpha continues to spread throughout the country, creating more opportunities for students to expand on their interest in psychology before entering college.

It is with great appreciation and admiration that I welcome each and every one of you to the Psi Alpha family. We may be small at this dawning of a new organization, but I do not underestimate the passion that each of you brings to the field, and thus to Psi Alpha. It is extremely important to me that each member and advisor feels valued and heard, so please offer any suggestions you may have for improvement moving forward. My inbox is always open.

Thank you so much again for joining Psi Alpha, I can’t wait to learn of your accomplishments as we work together to grow Psi Alpha.


Elizabeth Shabazian

Executive Director Psi Alpha

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