Thank you, advisors!

You are Psi Alpha’s core! We are truly grateful for everything you do to bring Psi Alpha’s opportunities to your school and students.

Inducting Students

If you are not used to the member registration system click the “Advisor Help” button after you sign in. Also please be sure to read the “Best Practices” info on the main page after you sign in. From time to time, new messages from the Executive Director may appear there as well.

The simple breakdown of the induction process is as follows: Gather a list of students who meet the edibility requirements for your chapter > log into system and set an induction date > gather emails or invite students to come to register themselves (this helps avoid email errors) > students are sent a code to pay online > plan induction ceremony (optional, but very common) > induction window automatically closes two weeks before chosen ceremony date > certificates arrive close to induction date for distribution at induction ceremony.

Awards & Competitions

Psi Alpha sponsors awards and scholarships for active members, chapters and advisors.

Be a donor

Donate to Psi Alpha student scholarships. Member endowed, 100% goes directly to students.

Psi Alpha

High School National Psychology Honor Society, directly affiliated with Psi Beta, Community College National Honor Society in Psychology.